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Hello guys … This is my first blog post … I am Bhoomika jain and I am a college student .I love sketching . This blog I have created to because of the discrimination going on in India among general ,sc/st , obc which is unfair for everyone so if you are also suffering from the same discrimination please comment and make everyone aware about it so that government may take any serious step towards it

Beautiful lie to myself

I was knowing  that he do not love . He love someone else but my love for him will never end it will remain as it is forever and ever . He is not able to find his love and is not able to give me mine .😞

I want to be with him forever but …..

I just hate this but …

My whole day I spend with him he cares for me , talk to me , fight for me . I can see a fear in his eyes to loose me but as a friend but I love him and I m much scared then him to loose him .

I just love to make him feel special he is my life .

The person whom I was not even talking to in school life has become my life now. Time changes everything . Sometimes when I see him he just as close to me as if he will never leave but at another second only I realises that he will never be mine .🙁

Dekha  kal raat fir tujhe ek  khwaab mei lekin yeah khwaab bs khwaab mei hi pura ho skta h “

#my love 

Best memory of life 

    School life

     The best and unforgettable life ever . People are learning from their childhood here and the character of man is built here . Every student try to make his better life and best use of  school life as it never comes again after the school session .My school days were the happiest day of my life ;which should give you indication of the misery I have endured over the past 18 years.

    I have had playmates,i have had companions ; in my days of childhood , in my joyful school days – all are gone ,the old familiar faces .

    My childhood , adolescence and high school days are unusually important .if there  has ever been  a time  that I developed a uniqueness , sense of humour and the ability to organize , it was then .

    My closest friends are from my high school days . Those friends have become my life now .

    The droning lectures , the fun in the cloakroom , mischief, and pranks  and the companionship of friends – these memories make school the best place .

    My school life was just an amazing memory .